C25K: Weeks three and four

C25K: Weeks three and four

It might not have seemed it at the time but the first two weeks of C25k are relatively easy compared to the next two weeks. The runs get longer and the walks in between get shorter. Four weeks ago, the idea of running for three or even five minutes continuously seemed so far fetched but here I am looking back on them having completed it.

I’ve using the NHS Choices C25k podcasts to guide me in my running. I have developed a love/hate relationship with the presenter Laura, a chirpy English girl who tells me when to run and when to slow down. I spend a lot of time cursing Laura under my breath but they really are the best version I’ve come across (even if the music is a bit cheesy)

Week Three

c25k : running shoe
Off to a good start

Week three had me running for two reps of 90 seconds of running, 90 seconds of walking, 3 minutes of running, 3 minutes of walking. Yes, three whole minutes. And it was grand. I just counted out the seconds in my head and kept going until the Laura gave me permission to stop.

Strangely enough, all three runs this week were fine. Not necessarily easy but fine. Normally run one is torture, run two is ok and the third and final run is actually somewhat enjoyable. This week, all three runs were fairly even. It was such a confidence boost heading into week four.

Week Four

Out for a run
Out for a run

And so began week four of my C25k journey. Any confidence I had that week four would be as doable as week three had been was quickly eroded by the first run of the week. Week four has two reps of run for 3 minutes, walk for 90 seconds, run for five and walk for two and a half minutes.

The first rep was fine. I was used to the three minutes of running from the week before and I even got through the first five-minute run without too much difficulty. I felt the 90 seconds before the second rep went very quickly and all of a sudden, Laura is telling me the run again. The final two runs were torture. I nearly gave up but somehow found something in me to keep going.

Thursday’s run was also tough but that was as much down to the snowy, cold weather that had that day. Run three came around quicky. What seemed like torture on Tuesday didn’t seem so bad today. I put the head down, concentrated on counting my strides and got through it. It was such a great feeling. Another week down.

Looking ahead

I mentioned last week that this isn’t my first time doing the c25k plan. Week Five has always been my wall. Each run this week is different and the third run involves running for 20 minutes without a break. This is where I’ve fallen before. This time, however, I’m determined to get through it. I’m determined to run for the 20 minutes.

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